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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Every journey begins with a calling that manifests itself in many ways.

We experience it in our community’s small, beautiful moments of fellowship – as we selflessly offer our hands and lend our shoulders – calling us into Service.

We experience it in the way the leaves dance with the wind every morning as the sun rises to celebrate a new day – calling us to Thanksgiving.

We experience it in the silent moments of reflection – calling us to Prayer.

We experience it in the way our hearts beat in unison to the songs of praise and worship – calling us to share the Grace of God.

We experience it during the strongest storms and the darkest times – calling us to Faith.

We experience it in our unwavering commitment to deepen our relationship with God – calling us to spread the Word and the incredible Love of God.

And this calling is loudest to those who desire to hear it.

We dedicate this blog to people like you who are courageously seeking and finding God by embarking on a ministerial journey. The Spirit has invited you to understand God’s desire for you and gifted you a companion. Through God’s guidance, may our voice be a gentle nudge to the path that has been paved for you.

This will be a place where we share stories of God’s faithful presence, offer tips and how-tos to achieve a fruitful student life, and provide you with the toolkit to grow your ministry.

Committing to a ministerial path will require the utmost dedication and faith. As you seek God’s direction in life, know that you do not need to walk this journey alone.

You have a whole community with you.

This is your calling to take the first step and reach out for a companion.

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