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Our Philosophy

FAM Institute believes that every person has a purpose in life to fulfill through the gifts and calling of the Holy Spirit.


FAM Institute fulfills this calling by fostering and teaching men and women to fulfill their purpose through scriptures and life application.

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Our People and Founder- Website Design for About Us Page.png

Together, we G.R.O.W. in faith and love.

FAM offers a holistic and personal learning experience to all its students. Its motto is engraved in all the different aspects of its educational program.

From day one, FAM continues to cultivate and empower learners with transformational teaching, practical ministry opportunities, community engagement, and formation-based experiences. Our diverse array of programs is tailored to remain competitive and relevant to aspiring servant leaders.


is a private Christian College & Seminary and is a Fully Accredited member of:

The Worldwide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC)

WWAC is an independent international Christian education organization. WWAC was established as a "Multi-National Association of Christian Education Institutions" and is fully endorsed by the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. The Commission accredits over 200 schools globally.

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